Project Updates: Park 101 Phase 3

A team including ELP Advisors, CDM Smith, The Robert Group, Emerson & Associates, Economic & Planning Systems, SWA Group, and John Kaliski Architects, is thrilled to be leading the third phase of the Park 101 project. Our goal is to advance the project from the planning stage to future project implementation so that the. Phase 3 includes the following:


The existing Caltrans Project Study Report (PSR), along with other existing documents, are being reviewed to identify any actions necessary to update the PSR and advance the project in this stage.


Currently, the Park 101 team is working to build upon existing stakeholder outreach to expand the capacity for engagement with new stakeholders, both through government and public agency coordination as well as through local community outreach. Project outreach and events will cater to the incredibly diverse array of communities, organizations, and businesses that have a vested interest in the future of Park 101. Community interests and concerns will help identify local needs and inform the development of the area in both short and long-term planning phases.

Action items include:

·Stakeholder Engagement Plan – highlighting key foundations of the outreach effort

·Public Agency Coordination – ensuring public sector stakeholders play a role in advancing the collective goals of the project

·Stakeholder Coordination – providing new and established stakeholders with opportunities to suggest feedback at local events and through online engagement


Potential funding sources, and in turn, funding strategies, will be reviewed to assess the projected revenue potential, incorporating factors from other tasks in Phase 3 as well as from current policy trends and developments.


Using information from Caltrans and the City of LA, the team will produce a report on the park’s potential footprint, including parcels that may be gained from the closure of streets and freeway on/off ramps. To follow will include a review of land-use trends in the existing area, current land values, and urban design criteria for parcels that would line the freeway cap. This step is critical in informing the planning process and development of the overall Park 101 corridor.


The Final Report will include all the information gathered from the previous tasks to create a comprehensive plan for the Friends of Park 101, SCAG, and the City of LA to implement. It will establish immediate, short-term, and long-term goals to guide the project through an environmental review and design phase.