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Vision for the Park 101 District

The project team has subdivided the greater PARK 101 District into three sub-districts: the Park, the Station, and the River. The feasibility study has focused on illustrative phasing for the Park sub-district in order to provide details on specific design opportunities, costs, and economic benefits resulting from development and implementation.

Urban Analysis

Upon the analysis of existing urban conditions, a number of key guiding ideas or design principles have emerged to shape the plan and development recommendations for the area.

  1. Consolidate on/off ramps at the east and west ends of the Park.
  2. Maximize the value of underutilized parcels.
  3. Create a recognizable cultural public realm.
  4. Integrate land uses throughout.
  5. Create a single development entity.
  6. Create a singularly unique urban district.
  7. Capture a significant portion of the citys growth.
  8. Maximize the development potential and revenues.

Historic Los Angeles Photo : Pre 101 Freeway

The creation of the 101 Fwy has created a scar through downtown's historic and civic core. Prior to the construction of the 101 Fwy, El Pueblo and the civic core was once connected with busy streets and a friendly pedestrian environment.